General Terms and Conditions:

We are not a public facing registrar. Our services are offered on a bespoke basis to our customers. As a result, all costs and charges relating to products and services offered will vary, based on the nature and complexity of the requirements.

Before proceeding with the purchase of our products or services, you will confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page as part of the digital contract. These also include Nominet’s (the UK registry) terms and conditions.

Within this digital contract, you will be made aware all charges for the services offered, registration and/or renewal of domains, and any ongoing charges. It will also include all key terms including our policy on transfers, renewals and expiration of domain names registered with us.

Given we are not a public facing registrar, where a domain transfer is required, you agree to change the IPS tag to a registrar of your choice as soon as required. Where a domain is due to expire, unless otherwise agreed and stated in the digital contract, you are responsible for its renewal. Any expiring domain that is not renewed may be lost to someone else.

Once the digital contract is signed, an invoice will be issued. All payments due must be settled prior to the products and services being provided. No credit will be offered.

Enquiries and Complaints:

For any enquiries, service complaints or abuse complaints, please contact

All inquiries and complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and resolved in a timely manner.

For complaints, please include a full summary of the matter. Any further information required by us will be requested by email.

Details of this enquiries and complaints process is also included within the digital contract.